Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some More Noise

I haven't had time to post lately, but it's because I've been working on lots of stuff! Mostly water for the upcoming C6 Demo App (gonna be the best realtime ocean anyone's ever done, at least I hope) and school, but I've also added quite a bit to my Perlin Noise generator. New techniques like taking all the noise to a user-specified power, taking the real or absolute value of the raw data before I interpolate it to create the octaves, and simply inverting the noise all create extremely different variations on the cloud pattern I discussed a few weeks ago.

I think the generator is ready to be posted online...or at least will be soon, but until then, I've got a bunch of pictures to share of noise I generated, both height maps and normal maps, as well as the settings that produced them. I hope you enjoy them, because it's amazing how varied they are when you consider the simple way in which they're created. Plenty of possibilities for texture, and I have a feeling I've barely scratched the surface.

There should be more to come later on about my adventures with using Perlin Noise for textures, as well as a new technique I'm developing called "Wind Mapping" for some really neat ocean effects, but until that time, here are those pics I promised. Enjoy!


Lewis said...

hey ken .. this is some wicked noise.. can you add some url references that describe your techniques here? any sources that you recommend for perlin noise info?


natalie said...